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Reclaim Your Skin

Erase       Eczema

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The state of your skin, hair and nails reflects the overall health of your body.  A healthy, well-nourished and fully hydrated body will reflect healthy glowing skin that is soft, clear and free of dark spots, blemishes, dry patches and other imperfections.

·     Healthy skin impacts the way you feel about yourself

·     Healthy skin makes you feel more attractive and confident

·     Healthy skin affects how you show up in the world

Get ready for your journey to better health and healthier skin

Next Program Begins

October 8, 2023

Registration ends Oct. 1, 2023

We are a faith-based wholistic lifestyle agency with a focus on original Biblical principles and natural remedies.  We promote prevention using the Natural Laws of Health for disease prevention and building a strong immune system.  We have over a decade of experience in helping individuals with skin conditions, allergies and food sensitivities.

Our program will help you experience: 

No More Itching

Clean Clear Skin

Lower Risk of

Improved Immunity

More Energy

Proper Breathing

Restful Sleep

Anti Aging Benefits silver frame.png

Positive Outlook
on Life

Overall Better

Long Lasting Results
& Much More... (7).jpg

Natural Proven Results For All Ages 




My name is Thelma and I am a Master Certified Health Coach based in New York City. My wellness journey began over a decade ago with a genuine desire to help people. I specialize in helping individuals with eczema, allergies and asthma with a particular focus on children.

My personal journey in dealing with adult eczema sparked a passion within me to take an active role in preventing disease and fostering a healthy lifestyle. Determined not to accept long term use of prescription medication, it became my purpose to find the root cause(s) of eczema. 

Within 2 1/2 months of changing my lifestyle and being purposeful in everything I did including adopting avoidance strategies, my eczema cleared up along with other symptoms.


  • I've had the privilege of studying various dietary theories with world renowned health experts while learning a wholistic approach to healing that goes well beyond what we eat and touch.


  • I work closely with my clients to develop a customizable wellness program to help them better control bad habits, build a strong foundation and cultivate a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Curious to know what that looks like?

What You Will Learn:

  • How to be your own doctor.  Learn to listen to your body

  • How to follow the lifestyle of the Blue Zoners who live long vibrant lives

  • How to break the chains that make life seem hopeless

  • How to apply natural remedies and hydrotherapy treatments to naturally provide relief

  • How to explore the healing powers of your body

  • The smart, effective and efficient way to take really good care of your body

  • The things you’re eating and what’s eating you that needs to stop

  • And much more… - Before And After.png


It's time to take control of your family's health and wellness identity. The change can start with you!

1. See What It Takes For Change To Happen

Soft Skin

2. Gain Support Of Others On The Same Journey

Enjoy benefits of community support, useful tools to ensure success and receive step-by-step guidance.

Image by Marten Bjork

3. Learn What To Expect At Each Stage Of The Process

Your transformation is at the horizon. Discover the secrets that's changing lives of others like you!

Skin Care

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