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Reclaim Your Skin

ERASE    Eczema 


We are a holistic lifestyle agency with over a decade of experience in helping individuals with skin rashes, allergies and food sensitivities. Our program helps you have: 

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Clean Clear Skin

More Energy

Proper Breathing

Anti Aging Benifits 

Long Lasting Results!

Look Better 

Restful Sleep


Results You Can See



My name is Themma and I am a holistic health coach based in New York City. My wellness journey began over a decade ago with a genuine desire to help people. I specialize in helping individuals with skin rashes, allergies and food sensitivities.

My experience dealing with adult eczema sparked a passion in me to take an active role in preventing disease and fostering a healthy lifestyle. Determined not to accept long term use of prescription medication, I became determined to find the root cause. 

Within 4 months of changing my diet and adopting avoidance strategies, my rash cleared along with my other symptoms. I had the privilege of studying over 100 dietary theories with world renowned health experts while learning a holistic approach to healing that goes well beyond what we eat and touch.


I work closely with my clients to develop customizable wellness programs to help manage conditions, build a strong foundation and cultivate a vibrant, healthy life.Curious to know what that looks like?

Discover More


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Free Consultation

A conversation where I learn about you and share information about the programs I offer. 

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Eczema Allergy Course

Learn how to manage eczema through avoidance strategies & lifestyle choices.

Healthy Food

Individual Counseling

 One-on-One Program to help you manage allergies and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

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