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Getting Started 

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The Program

Set Your Goals 

You will start with setting your goals…where you are now and where you want to be 4, 6 months or more and into the future. Setting goals helps you to remain focused, to prioritize your responsibilities plus it gives you something to look forward to. Setting goals also helps you measure how well you are progressing and what you need to improve upon. In a nutshell, goals provide clarity, guidance and direction for
your future. 


Display your goal sheet where you can see it, frame it if you must because it will be your motivation to continue when you feel like giving up!

My program is very transparent. This helps you to figure out from the on-set if this program will work fory ou. Once we’re on the same page, it’s just you and I working together for your success. However, I can’t want the program more for you than you want it for yourself; therefore, in order for you to obtain the success you desire, you must to be committed to the process.

Once you’ve decided on the plan that will work for you, you will receive the Lifestyle Assessment Form via e-mail. We will not be able to set your appointment for consultation unless I’ve received your completed Lifestyle Assessment Form. The sooner it is completed and returned to me, the sooner we can schedule your appointment.

You will however be active in the program while you are waiting for your appointment. So once you hit  that “GO” button, be really ready to go. Have your running shoes ready to begin your journey to well- being. Always remember, that nothing worthwhile comes easy, so pray and ask God to give you strength to endure to the end.

The Consultation is an in-depth virtual conversation that looks at your lifestyle from all angles in order to get to the root cause(s) of your condition. This lifestyle review is foundational in identifying any habits that are  contributory factors to you or your child’s health status.

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New Born 

With newborns, infants and toddler who are still nursing, once the parent makes the recommended lifestyle changes, the child’s condition usually improves and eventually goes away.


From children to teens, you as their parents have to make wise purchases and lifestyle changes. Be willing to embrace the idea of purposeful living. We often recommend that the entire family embrace the lifestyle change so as not to isolate the child. Or else your child will feel left out when the rest of the family is allowed to eat something they are not able to. Therefore, this must become a family supportive effort which in the end will work wonders in terms of health for all concerned. This is definitely something to consider.

If you are unsure if this program will help you and you need more information, book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me. This is a conversation where I learn more about the health issues you are struggling with and we figure out if my program is a good fit for you.

Start your path to wellness today and book a free consultation.

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